Monday, December 15, 2014

Favorite Cum Site

So I have been thinking.  When I have sex, where do I want the cum to go?  I think this could use a little bit of discussion.

When watching porn, it is pretty hot to see the cum land on her face.

Although, I also rather enjoy watching it land other places as well.  Like the stomach, or tits.  Very hot!!  But what is my favorite?  There is so much to choose from.  What about in the mouth?

But then, I started this with when I have sex....  While it is always fun and hot to watch porn.  It never beats actually doing the deed myself.  I have to admit that in the mouth is quite satisfying.  Especially when she swallows while I am cumming.  And seeing my spooge land on her tits is very fun.  But I have to admit.  My favorite place to pump my load has to be........

In the vag...

Maybe I am a perv.... or maybe just a regular guy but, I love to give creampies.  What do you think?  I would really like to hear from the ladies about their favorite place to receive cum.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

In the mean time, Enjoy this picture of a Pornstar who has a lot of creampie videos out there:

The Lovely Sara Jay

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hello All,

This is a new blog with the intent of sharing sexy pictures of some of my favorite porn stars.  For me, it is a bit of an experiment that i am trying.  I already have a Facebook page with the same name as this blog: Tributes, Facials, and Sexy Fun.  The purpose here is to see if I can gain more traffic to see if it is worth the time and effort in starting up a webpage.

If you like what you are finding on this blog or on the Facebook page, let me know.  You are also welcome to comment and make requests of some things you would like to see.  I am looking forward to finding out how this is going to work out!

In the mean time, please enjoy this picture of the very beautiful Audrey Bitoni.